18 December 2011

It is not easy, but you still can find a way to feel better!

Recession, crisis, depression. How could you feel good with all the things that are pressing your neck? Everyone is encouraging you to feel like a butterfly, telling you, you should have no worries, according to those people, world is actually pink! Well, it is not.

But, guess what, you should feel good about yourself, you should think positive, and do you know why? Because it is the only thing that will give you a "way out" of this rough present. You might be having an ironic smile on your face now, thinking...it's easy for you to tell, you don't know my problems. Well, we all have problems, and for every one of us, his/hers problems are biggest in the whole wide world, and that is ok. I respect that.

Feel good recipe:
1) Before you go to bed, think about all the things you would like to do. Give your imagination complete freedom, it doesn't matter if it's unreal, what matters is that you can have complete power over everything that is happening in that world, your world. It will give you the strength to carry on tomorrow.

2) Even though your perception of the world right now is probably quite dark, open your eyes, all the colors are still there, they didn't really fade away. Let your eyes see them.

3) Think tall, straighten your backbone, pick your chin up and put a BIG smile on your face. Even if you really don't feel like it, people in your surroundings will have more positive perception of you and in no time it will not just be a mask that you are wearing. Be the one spreading the good vibe.

4) Sing under the shower and dance on all the parties, no matter how dumb you might feel, remember that anyone else feels that way as well. :)

5) Meet new people, meet random people and don't be shy to approach. It will give you a really useful dose of self confidence, and a chance to spread your horizons.

6) If you are a smoker, stop whining that you are going to quit tomorrow, because you are not. If you smoke, you are probably enjoying it, and if that is true, than every time you light one up, feel that joy. Otherwise, if you don't enjoy it anymore, quit, and never look back - stop postponing things.

7) Aloud yourself to be a little (but only a little ;) ) late, set yourself free of the perfectionism that is causing you stress, world will not end if you meet your friend at 5.05 instead of 5 sharp.

8) Find a pet - it will be your best and most honest friend. If you already own a pet, hug it play with it and laugh to all the funny things it does.

9) Love your family, but put yourself first. Stop allowing everyone around you to use the most of you, leaving you nothing with. Spare some good will and strength for yourself.

10) Help others as much as you can as long as it doesn't hurt you. Little things are what counts.