28 August 2012

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19 August 2012


Have you ever tried snowboarding or any other kind of boarding?

Well, I didn't (only thing I have tried was water skiing twice)! And I really wanted to! So today, for the first time in my life, I tried wakeboarding. On Zagreb's lake Jarun, organized by these guys: http://wakeboard.com.hr/.

12 August 2012

Test & Review of Ruck Strap by HoldFast Gear

As promised, today I'm going to tell you something more about Ruck Strap, the other product I got from HoldFast Gear. By the number of views of the Money Maker review I can see you were really interested in what I had to say about it, so I hope you'll like this one as much.

Somehow I tend to avoid having camera neck strap around my neck, as it is supposed to be worn. Usually it only bothers me or burns my neck when combined with sweat, which is mostly ugly. The closest I get to using it is wrapped loosely around my wrist. (Don't get me wrong, I have it attached to my camera at all times, for safety reasons :D, the only problem is that I am not really using it). Therefore, when I asked Matthew for his products, I asked him to send me a Wrist Strap, as it seemed perfect for me. He did not have any at that very moment unfortunately, so he sent me the Ruck Strap instead.

09 August 2012

Money Maker by HoldFast Gear test & review

When my sister and I came across the Hold Fastweb page, we were both amazed with Matthew Swaggart's idea of producing equipment from natural materials such as leather, duck canvas and rope. Surfing through the product gallery made me whine "I want this, and I want that!" Therefore we decided to contact Matthew, and offer him to review some of his products. His quick, positive response put a smile on both of our faces. After a few weeks, the package finally arrived at my post office.

Let the tests begin!

In the course of several weeks I have put Hold Fast Money Maker and Ruck Strap through serious tests. They have been tested around horses because this is my most frequent environment, which is not really camera-friendly, owing to a lot of dust, mud, sudden movements and the real danger of somehow breaking the equipment. I had no intention of sparing the Hold Fast gear in any way. I wanted to see how far it would follow me, and how reliable it was. While I made use of the Money Maker mostly in high performance photographing, the Ruck Strap came in very handy in more leisurely shootings. Today, I am bringing you review of Money Maker and the one for Ruck Strap will be following in a day or two.

02 August 2012

Lush Wolwes Pow for Sarajevo stray dogs

Lush makes big part of my cosmetics stash. I love their products for their quality, but also the brand itself for the effort they make in order to give back to the community. This time they took me by surprise. Passing by their store in a mall I saw cutest white soap with red paw called Wolwes Paw. At first I thought Lush started making soaps for dogs (how cool would that be, huh? :)) so I entered the store and asked the sales girl what's it about.

01 August 2012

Will you be orange like me?

Don't rest with the less
I'm burning to impress
It's deep in the middle of me
I can be fantasy

24 July 2012

This is the past, what’s next

We've been writing this blog for 9 months and this post will be a sort of recapitulation of what we’ve done so far, but also our vision for the future when it comes to shooting and blogging.