01 August 2012

Will you be orange like me?

Don't rest with the less
I'm burning to impress
It's deep in the middle of me
I can be fantasy

For the past month or so I've been obsessed with orange color. Orange nail polish, orange lipstick, orange eye shadow, orange blush, orange lip gloss, orange dresses, orange shirts! This is quite funny if you take under consideration that I used to stay away from that color. :)

In order pay respect to my recent madness, I did this mini shoot with Petra. Enjoy the color. Orange color!!

p.s. For the purpose of this shooting, I've applied Paris Berlin waterproof foundation 7 shades lighter than my actual skin color all over my face, neck and shoulders.... And yes, it's waterproof!!! Scrubbing it off was pretty painful experience. Note to myself: think twice before you go crazy again.

Enjoy August! :)


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