24 July 2012

This is the past, what’s next

We've been writing this blog for 9 months and this post will be a sort of recapitulation of what we’ve done so far, but also our vision for the future when it comes to shooting and blogging.

Those of you, who know us personally or read this blog from its very beginnings, know how it all started. Petra started taking photos at the age of 14. Her talent was recognized and she got serious job offers. My interest in makeup came a lot later – after years of assisting her I figured that would be an extra thing I could do for her in order to help her make the work even better.

So, why this blog? We had a vision of a place where we could present our work. However, we wanted to communicate with people interested in what we do. Therefore, a web page wasn’t an option. We wanted to be a part of the community and to give back to it. Everything I’ve learned, I learned from books, blogs and vlogs. Petra took classes but she still actively searches for new information and that’s where she founds blogs helpful. Blogging community helped us develop what we had and we wanted to share what we know with other “Ivas” and “Petras” of the world in order to help them become better at what they do.

When we started, we didn’t have clear vision of this blog. We knew we wanted to write about our things – photography and makeup but that was pretty much it. And, while I was anxious to define boundaries and determine content of the blog, Petra was rooting for more relaxed, “let it define itself” approach. We had a lot of arguments because of that, but now I think it was a good thing we disagreed – we had an opportunity to see what is and what’s not working for us. Also, we wrote posts I initially never thought of writing because of Petra’s persuading speeches and she gave up on some topics because of my negotiating techniques.

And here we are now! Nine months and 52 posts later we’re in a process of evaluating, thinking, redefining and creating. At the moment we are finishing arrangements regarding our new blog design and we expect it to be up and running in a few months. This is something very important and exciting for us. It’s like watching your baby taking its first steps. I know it’s a bit cheesy to compare blog to a baby, but we created this place, we’ve raised it and its extraordinary feeling to see all of you liking it, supporting us, telling your friends about it. It just means a lot to us!

What can you expect from the new blog? Except from domain name and design (which we are keeping a secret for now), there will be some improvements such as gallery, our short biographies and better defined categories. However, the content itself won’t change much. We’ll still write product reviews, tell you stories from our shootings and show you the end product – photos. We’ll show you new makeup looks and tell you how to redo them. We’ll tell stories of our trips and lives that we find interesting and worth sharing. We’ll try to keep up with our initial posting rate of one post a week. Some of you have been complaining about it, demanding we post more often. Unfortunately, we cannot promise you that as we wouldn’t want to make a promise we can’t keep. We’re both busy studying, working and we have other engagements that are taking most of our time. Posting more often for the price of lowering the quality of the posts is not an option. If we are doing something – we’re doing it right! I hope you understand us.

This was a short insight of what’s going on right now regarding this blog. We’d like you to tell us more about what you like about this blog, but also what you don’t like, what should we change or add.

Looking forward to your comments!!


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