21 July 2012

HoldFast Gear Sneak Peek

Here are two really cool and useful photo accessories made by HoldFast. They are handmade and really well thought through before producing.

The first one is called Money Maker. At first I found the name a bit funny, but later through tests it really justified itself :). It is a leather harness which purpose is to allow a photographer to have two or more cameras attached at the same time and avoid all the usual problems that come with having a bunch of camera straps around your neck.

The second one is called RuckStrap. It is really fancy and most important of all really comfortable neck strap for your camera while you wonder around and want to have your camera with you at all time. The best part is that it is made out of duck canvas and fine leather so it cannot rub you in any way (and that is quite common with original camera straps).

This is just a short preview of the stuff, and in the next post you will get a full review, tested around horses. If it survives horses it can survive anything - and I am not going to be all gentle with it ;) So far it is really promising.

Thank you HoldFast for allowing me to make a review! :)


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