23 December 2011

Winter Wonderland

I'm not a winter fan. Cold weather I could manage, but dull, grey, foggy days and complete lack of sunlight are almost unbearable.

However, those days when everything is covered in snow and the sun is up, shining bright… those days are magical. And if you ever had an opportunity to experience them outside of the city, than you know what I mean by true winter wonderland.

Inspired by winter wonderland with shiny frosting and cold colors I’ve created look on Petra’s friend Marija.

I’ve curled her long, naturally blond hair with a hair straightener and combed out the locks with fingers and Macadamia Natural Oil to give it extra shine (and a great smell, too :) ).

Her face was primed with Sephora’s rosy and shimmery primer to give that extra glow. I also applied that primer over foundation on her cheeks as a highlight and then added hot pink blush from Inglot. I was quite generous with the amount of it because I wanted to create that rosy, wintery color of cheeks.

Light pink lipstick was applied on her lips first, and on the very center of the lips I dabbed silver lipstick to give it cold, almost frosty shine.

And then the eyes… Firstly, I applied NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk because I wanted soft yet popping eye shadow colors. Then, I used Sleek’s Curacao and Oh So Sweet palette and blended colors really well. For highlighting of the inner corner of the eye and the brown bone I used Inglot’s eyeshadow in shimmery white color. Along the lash line I drew a thick line with Too Faced silver glitter eyeliner and on the lower lash line I drew a thin, almost invisible light gold line.

With her having very light (blond! :) ) eyelashes, false eye lashes were must and I’ve used one from Eyelure.

I can’t resist mentioning Marija almost never uses make up in her daily routine so she was quite shocked when she saw what I did. Still, as the shooting went on she got comfortable with her new look.
Oh, and the lovely accessories were a gift from another fiend also called Marija, who runs her own jewelry brand called MoMa Modna Maca art. If you liked it be sure to check out her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/momamodnamacaart

Have a wonderful winter holidays!


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