07 January 2012

Back from Berlin!

We're back! :)

Most of you who follow us through Twitter and Facebook are familiar that Petra, I and some friends have been in Berlin for a week. We meant to post while on the road, however we had a very busy schedule and simply couldn’t find enough time to do it.

We’re about to make up for that one with a post(s) about Berlin on what we saw, did, eat and learned… Also, we’ve brought from Germany some reeeealy nice products which we’ll gladly show you and tell you their story.

For now… here’s a little teaser. Enjoy! :)

View from our window - Fernsehturm (TV tower)

Jumping around Brandenburger Tor (the Branderburg Gate)
Petra having geeky time in the Humboldt Box

Pretty in Berlin :)
Kunsthaus Tacheles (Art House Tacheles)
Elephant pancakes desert

Kryolan City
New member of my makeup family
Petra's Burberry crush :)

Some Clinique sweets from KaDeWe
We can't wait to use these pretty hats in one of the upcoming shootings

Oh, and we absolutely fell in love with these two songs!!!

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