25 February 2012

e.l.f Makeup Artist Brush Belt Review

I received a brush belt from E.l.f. today. It was shipped on Monday so I was quite surprised it arrived that quickly. It was packed in a cardboard box and bubble wrapper.

Brush belt is black and made of faux leather which makes it suitable for frequent cleaning. The dimensions are 39 by 26 cm, and the belt is nearly 95 cm long. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by the length of the belt since it might be quite awkward if someone ordered the brush belt and it wouldn't fit.

Brush belt has four rows of pockets, the first and the third row (counting from the bottom) being just two regular pockets and the second and the fourth row being divided into smaller pockets. Pockets are quite wide which makes them suitable for brushes with larger handles. However, there are no narrow pockets for thinner brushes so they'll move around in the pocket or you should put two brushes in the same pocket.

The first and the third row are useful not only for holding brushes, but also for smaller palettes or other products you are frequently using during the makeup. Also, there's a middle column with four smaller pockets, ideal for placing aye or lip pencils.

Regular price on E.l.f. shopping page is £15,00, however they quite often have sales on their Facebook fan page, so I got mine reduced by 30%.

Even though I would prefer it had more narrow pockets and was somewhat smaller, I'm pretty much satisfied with this brush belt, especially considering the price. I find it quite useful while doing makeup on others as I often go back and forth changing brushes or waste looking for the one "that was right here just a second ago".

So, what do you think? Do you like it? Would you buy one?

Tell us what you think!

p.s. I've finally gained some courage to use Petra's camera and I'm quite proud of the photos! :)

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