14 June 2012

What to do while waiting for self-tanner to absorb

Yeah… My legs are super white and I’ve decided to change that. Besides, I got a bit of tan in Istria and on Velebit but only on face, cleavage and hands, which makes white legs stand out even more… yuck. So, after lovely coffee with my bestie, I’ve decided to try self-tanning – we barely had any sun in past two weeks and my legs don’t tan easily so sunbathing was not an option, I’ve tried going to solarium but I found it a waste of time, money and I’m really concerned about health safety.

Applying self-tanner went smoothly, as far as I can’t see there are no stripes, weird spots (only weird smell) and it’s not orange. HOWEVER… I decided that sitting is not an option… I don’t want to rub it off my skin and get it into my clothes. And there I am jumping in my underwear… waiting for 3 hrs for self-tanner to absorb. In case you ever get caught up in a situation like this, here are some suggestions for (more or less) useful time-wasting. :)

1.    Clean your bathroom – depending on how thorough you are and the cleanliness of your bathroom but this should take form 20 minutes until forever – I did it for about 30 minutes and got bored :)

2.    Put clothes in closet – I’m a messy girl (understatement) and my clothes has tough time finding its way back in closet once is washed and folded – took me around 10 minutes

 3.    Call your sister and nag her about updating touch pad drivers on your computer – this one was super fun (for me at least)!!– 15 minutes

4.    Download and install completely unnecessary software – under a minute!!

5.    Figure out that you weren’t supposed to do above mentioned, have a mini stroke, panic, look for Control Panel and Add/Remove Software (I just switched to Windows 7 so everything is just a bit different… grrr) – that went smooth – 20 minutes! :)

6.    Call your sister again to update her on everything you did since the last time you called and talk to her about unimportant stuff while she’s trying to study. 5 minutes – Like a boss!

7.    Dance (or jump, in my case) to some shitty commercial music.

Hey! Don’t judge me! :-P cca 10 minutes, I used up all of my “moves”.

Here are some super songs to do that:

8.    Stop and smell the roses – on the balcony, in underwear.

Thankfully, no one saw me! :)

9.    Consider writing a post about what you did. 30 minutes – it was a tiring process!!! Just kidding! :)

10.    Eat some rice snack and banana – considered eating a proper lunch but quickly dismissed the idea. – I’m wicked and I’m lazy!! Time spent – not worth mentioning.

11.    Start writing that post – God forbid I do something USEFUL. I feel so good about myself, I haven’t written a post in a while… Wow… it’s really been too long!! Sorry for that!

12.    Windows crashed… Half of the post is gone… Kids, don’t try that at home!

13.    Rewrite the part of the post you just lost. Manically click Save after every single word!

14.    Windows crashed again… Call sister and yell nasty words at her. Rewrite the missing part of the post. Saving didn’t help. Consider not writing a post at all!

15.    Turn on the radio, and go for a jog – marathon style! From bedroom to kitchen and back. Pfff, now THAT was something!!! Stress is gone…

16.    Decide which nail polish to use – orange, peachy, pastel peachy, tangerine, metallic orange?! OMG!!!!

17.    Hear on a radio about a movie your piano teacher told you over 10 years ago. You always considered the movie to be interesting one but didn’t know the title and never stumbled upon it. Now, I finally know it’s called Sliding Doors.

18.    Download the movie. Wooo-hoooo!

19.    Cut your bangs!!! Actually, I did that two days ago, but I’d definitely do it now, did I not do it.

20.    Decide it’s about time to learn how to touch your nose with the tongue.

21.    Try to lick your elbow!

 22.    Consider redoing everything you did so far while filming it and posting it to YouTube – I’m thinking some serious money making!!
23.    Iron two beautiful vintage hand made dresses you borrowed from your friend to wear to the wedding this Saturday. Burn a part of the dress and panic!!! She definitely won’t notice if I cut that part out!! Phew, crisis averted!!!

Haha, Andrea, I know you’re reading this – I was just kidding!

No, seriously, I’m kidding!


OK, I can see you calling me now…. Shit!

24.     Find out your mom left her cell at home and she’s spending the weekend with her friend in Istria. HELL YEAH! Peace and quiet!!! This calls for a celebratory dance!!!!

Nope, I’d never do that!!!

25.    Oh, Scissor Sisters on the radio!!! This calls for a dance!!! Yes, it’s only because of Scissor Sisters!!

26.    Try to decide which dress to wear on Saturday! Such a hard decision!! Wanna help?

27.    Find out three hours have passed! Yaaaaay!

And my legs are lovely and slightly tanned – just the way I wanted it!!! :)


p.s. Petra is away atm, preoccupied with her studies and exams (poor little thing, I barely see her!) so you are left with me an my photographic (dis)abilities, sorry! But don't give up on us... Petra will be back soon and we'll do super nice things just for you, like we always do! :*

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