22 October 2011

Sport vs. Glamour

This was one of the first photo shootings we did together and we were quite satisfied with the result. It was done for a Croatian magazine, with Mirna, very successful rider, after she won an international show jumping championship. She was accompanied with her lovely mare, Santa Fe, the one she won the championship with.

Her complexion is flawless and she rarely wears any makeup so I kept it very simple, enhancing her features. Firstly I applied illuminating primer, then foundation and peachy blush. Eyes were done with beige eye shadow containing some golden shimmer, couple of brown toned eye shadows, lined with black/brown eye pencil and finished with two coats of mascara. Red lipstick added a bit of glamour to the whole look.

Petra first did the series of photos with riding equipment.

Then she took some more fashionable.

Mirna’s boyfriend came at the end so he also ended up in the picture.

 I can redo Mirna's makeup step by step so, if you'd like it, let me know! ;)



  1. Jako mi se sviđa vaš blog! Mislim da je odlično kako ste ujedinile svoje talente u blog :)

  2. Hvala! Drago nam je da ti se sviđa! :)