18 October 2011

Welcome to the place where DNA unites makeup and photography

We are two sisters - Petra and Iva, who share love for photography and makeup and few months ago we have decided to create our blog. As you can see, we've made it happen. :)

The whole story started about seven years ago when Petra discovered the world of photography. Her main models being horses, she started working for a magazine which was about horses and equestrian sport. Later on she also published her work in other magazines such as Elle dekor and Bussiness.hr, and held three individual exhibitions (most famous being Contraria) and several collective exhibitions.

I’ve started doing makeup and styling for Petra’s models few years ago and that’s how I became more and more interested in makeup artistry. I am completely self taught and think there’s a long way of learning ahead of me. However, I’m not afraid to experiment and see where it will take me.

The purpose of this blog is to present our work, share our knowledge and communicate with others who share the same passion.

Lastly, please disregard any mistakes you’ve found in this post, or any of the following. English is not our first language, and since we come from a small country called Croatia, by writing in English we are doing our best to ensure most of people can read our blog and follow us.

If you think our blog is worth following, please do, and share your knowledge about us with all of your friends!! :)

Iva & Petra

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