12 November 2011


Hi my dearest! It’s been a while, but Shooting Sisters are back on! :)

Today I would like to show you a mini shooting that turned out in a real one once we’ve started. The idea was to make just one photo… But it was a huge fun so we continued having fun.

The model was Petra’s lovely friend AMK. We’ve worked with her before and loved how she communicates with us and how she contributes during the whole creative process. Besides, she has flawless skin, long hair and lets me do everything I want. :)

The idea behind this shooting was to create something soft and a tad unrealistic to express romantic love. I’ve decided she has to be pale (which she naturally already is) so, after bit of foundation I’ve covered her with white concealer – her face, neck, cleavage and arms. Eyes were made in a way that would make them appear big and round, lowering the lower lid and using huge eyelashes. Lips were heart shaped, lined with black gel liner and filled with fuchsia lipstick. And that’s it!!

I <3 U! .)


  1. this is so very creative! love the makeup and photography! the one with the pink hair looks absolutely great!
    *thumbs up* :)