25 November 2011

Yay - Sigma's free shipping day!

Today I found the great mail in my inbox. Sigma is having a free shipping day on 25th of November from 9 AM till 5 PM.

Since they’ve just released new collection - The Cities and I think this is a really great opportunity to try some of those beauties. 

Just look at them. Aren’t they gorgeous?


New York

I must admit I’m a big fan of Sigma’s brushes (my friends would know). I’ve been working with them almost from the beginning and there’s not a single thing I would mind. Their products are excellent both regarding the quality and the price. Their customer service is the best – they respond fast and are always willing to help. And do I have to mention I’ve never waited for my package more than 2 weeks?

Few months ago they’ve released three beautiful eye shadow palettes – Bare, Dare and Flare. I’ve read many stellar reviews – palettes are known for their pigmentation and beautiful colors and are often compared to Urban Decay’s. As a bonus, you get two brushes with each palette, and every palette has different ones. They thought of everything, didn’t they? :)


So… I think I’m going to use this special free shipping day to treat myself with Dare palette… after all… My birthday is soon and I think I’ll receive Sigma package just in time. :)

p.s. If you’re considering ordering from Sigma, the link is in the right bar and you’ll get a free gift. Enjoy!