26 November 2011

Crazy red

I hear and read red is big this season and I must say I like that trend, especially now, during this foggy and dull autumn/winter days.

I love colors but I find myself rarely wearing any. As far as the makeup goes I use most of bright colors on Petra or on models, while shooting. However, I would like to show you this red makeup I did for Sugarpill’s contest few weeks ago (almost a month now!).

It was supposed to be just a couple of photos but I guess you’ve already figured out how it ended – 2 hour shooting. Still, it was so fun because we were at our friend’s Martina flat, joking around with her and her sister Ida.

Martina did my styling and Ida decided to be Petra’s assistant and, even though it was their first time, they were awesome! :)

Petra also took some crazy-funny-spontaneous photos!

Just look at the girls, aren’t they having fun, or what? :)