04 December 2011

Urban Decay sweet news

I have great news for all Urban Decay lovers and those in Croatia – I have one extra for you! :)
First thing first… if you loved their famous Naked palette, you are going to love this new one called – Naked 2!
These twelve beautiful, richly pigmented colors will are perfect for creating a numerous variety of both day and night.

I bought my Naked palette in Paris this spring and it’s absolutely my favorite. It’s the one I use more than any other and the one I always take with me on a trip. So naturally, first thing that came to my mind when I saw Naked 2 was – Love it!

However, am I going to buy it? Hm… I’ll see about that since the colors are quite similar to ones in Naked I think I’ll rather buy a pallet form Urban Decay with more vivid colors and those that I don’t have yet.
If you're interested in swatches Celina's are excellent and Temptalia made very thorough comparison of Naked and Naked 2, so check it out!

And for our loving readers from Croatia – Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Pallet is available in Sephora! Enjoy it!

Note: photos are not property of Shooting Sisters