05 December 2011

Happy Haircut

How many hairdressers have you changed so far?

How do you go there, with an exact picture of what you want
or just a blurry idea of how your hair should look like?

My sister and I are very different. Iva always has a clear idea of what she wants, every lock of her hair must have an exact place. She is ready to spend two hours in front of the mirror making it look perfect. So when she goes to the hair dresser, she is very critical towards the out coming result. I, on the other hand, am more flexible. And by flexible I mean that the most that you will see me doing is straightening it, I just don't have the nerves trying to tame this mane since it will most likely last for not longer than two hours (I have this stupid need to go through it with my hand all the time). Because of that, when I go to the hair dresser, I just come, sit on a chair and say "Go!" :) My only criterion is that it looks good but it is easy to keep. Oh, and did I mention that the price must be wallet-friendly (one thing Iva and I have in common)?

What do you think, which one of us is worse nightmare for a hairdresser, over analyzing and precise costumer, or the one that forces you to be creative? (I expect your reply on that question! ;) )

Luckily, we have managed to find a great hairdresser who can both make someone's ideas come to life and think of the hairstyle that fits you perfectly without knowing what you really want! Her name is Maria. She is a wiz with hair and she has this wonderful, breezy personality that always makes my day. She uses hair repair products that really do the job, and offers a whole palette of different hair treatments. She will always tell you what is each treatment for, how does it work and do you really need it or not, which is what everyone should want - someone who can be honest with you and really understands what she's doing.

So, how to find a great hairdresser? This is my way and it worked for me so far. When I come into salon for the first time, I usually look at the brands that the hair dresser is working with (to get an idea of how much he or she is worrying about well being of the costumers’ hair). If there is a costumer already, I observe how confident they are while working. Next thing I do is talk to them about hair, and try to get them to tell me their opinion on which hairstyle would look good on me. That way, I can tell how creative they are and do they have a sense of style that fits me. If they tell me something like..."dunno...what ever you want..." they get crossed out. Once my pre examination is over I do one of two things: If I liked them, I sit in the chair, cross my fingers and say "Go!", and if i didn't like it, I just tell them to cut off the edges (I don't want to hurt their feelings by walking straight away) and never come back again! :D

Iva really enjoys her new haircut! :)