16 February 2012

Come, take a walk on the wild side

It has been a while since the last time I had a horse in front of my camera. I can't believe how could I let that happen. It was just another casual unpretentious shooting with Iva as model. We had to put all that beautiful snow to a good use. ;)

My fascination with the connection between women and horses lasts since I have started working with those wonderful animals, only this time the focus is more on the person than the horse. Still, it fulfills the picture... she is walking around with her stronger, wilder side. She is showing off while the horse runs freely behind her, she is in control and proud of herself. There is no room for any other feeling but pride.

I hope you will find a part of you in these photographs, a part that only you know about, a long buried desire or emotion. Remember that feeling and smile. It will make you stronger! :)

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