22 March 2012

Beauty dish tryout


Here's a mini-post, just to let you know we're still alive. Petra is over her head in a project for past few weeks, and I'm helping her as much as I can so we haven't had time to anything for ourselves (at least nothing spectacular).

Still, I've managed to find some time to dig up a couple of photos we took a week (or so) ago. It was an impromptu shooting. Actually it wasn't shooting at all. Petra's beauty dish just arrived and she was playing around with her new equipment and I took the opportunity to create a really simple makeup, and play a bit with Illamasqua's new eye liner in Scribe. I'm definitely planning on doing more looks with it, as soon as we find some time.

I must add that Petra got hooked up on Scribe in no time. She is wearing it almost on daily basis – she likes being different and compliments she gets regarding her look.

p.s. Petra had no time to edit photos so I've done it. I'm quite pleased how they turned out as it was my first time. :)

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