09 March 2012

Why Illamasqua

I remember when I first heard of Illamasqua.

It was summer and I was randomly browsing through blogs and sites when I found an article about Illamasqua offering makeup for the deceased.

Photo from http://illamasqua.blogspot.com/

At the moment I didn't know anything about the Illamasqua brand and its philosophy, but I was intrigued by the idea! Impressed by what I've read, I've started researching and loved what I learned. It's their dedication to the promotion of self-expression and unconformity that made this brand grow on me. When Illamasqua came to Zagreb in October 2011, I was wondering what kind of effect it would have on Croats. Speaking from my experience, being different and expressing it in any way isn't always greeted with open arms, mostly due to a prevailing traditional upbringing.

Promo photo for new collection Human Fundamentalism
from http://www.beautylish.com

In my previous post regarding Illamasqua I've expressed our thoughts and feelings about the brand. This time, I have to add that, besides the vision, there are two more reasons why I love them. I like how they interact with their customers. Numerous times I've experienced arrogance and lack of motivation (for life itself, not only for work) so when I came to Illamasqua's store in Zagreb I was pleasantly surprised by lovely saleswomen and their eagerness to help, to advise and to make you feel welcomed. Furthermore, their prices are reasonable and their products are of high quality. They are highly pigmented, with nice texture, easy to work with, versatile and what's most important – they come in such a great variety of shades.

We took time and made photos of Illamasqua's products I have.

Two brothers – Matt Primer and Satin Primer. I like them equally. I use Matt Primer on the oily skin and when I want to prevent skin from shining. Satin Primer gives skin very nice, healthy glow, which I loved during the winter days. What I like the most about them is their smooth, creamy texture. (I find those silicone primers sort of disgusting and I always feel dirty after applying them.) Moreover, they make your foundation stay on for hours (last week I wore it for 14 hours without touch-ups!).

Hand in hand with primers comes Skin Base foundation. The foundation praised to the skies, and for a reason. It's easy to apply, has an excellent coverage, last long (really, really, long if I use one of above mentioned primers), nurtures your skin and gives you a nice, healthy glow.

I bought cream blush in Lies not to use it just as a blush – it's also very nice highlighter (for cheek bones, brow bones, and the cupids' bow), lipstick and eye shadow. I love such versatile products! :)

Similar product, regarding its use is cream pigment in Androgen. Most often I use it as a blush (perfect shade of peachy). It also looks great on the lips with some lip gloss over it, but it's a bit drying so I make sure to put lip balm or lipstick primer first. Also, it works wonders if applied as a base on eye lids. It makes color pop out and eye shadow last longer. My next project? I'll try using it as paint for eyebrows.

Lastly, I would like to show you two pressed powders, one in shade 120 and the other in 325. I use them for highlighting and contouring. I'm really content with the shade 325, as it contains the minimum of red pigment that shows up on photo. I used to do contouring with a concealer of different brand in really dark shade. It looked great in real, but on photos due to the nature of light that was used, most parts covered with the concealer turned red, so Petra had to do some serious damage control afterwards. Luckily, saleswoman in Illamasqua knew what I was talking about when I said I wanted something for contouring with the minimum of red pigment.
See, that's what I love about them! :)

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