16 April 2012

DaVinci Session

I didn't misspell Leonardo da Vinci's name in the title of this post, don't worry. After all, this shooting is not about him (well... at least not the way you might have expected it ;)).

I got an opportunity to work with a band called DaVinci – with Mirza, Luka and Shaun. They wanted to do some shots of them playing and a couple of cool ones. ;)

Long story short... working with them was really pleasant. Guys created very relaxed and fun atmosphere. However, they were also very professional and contributed with their own ideas.

Btw. If you get an opportunity to hear them sing – DON'T miss it! To get the sense of it, here's a link to a couple of their songs... I absolutely love Smile. Also, they sang Sinatra (as well as some other songs from different artists) during the shooting and it was so good.

Enjoy the photos and the music and show them your support by liking their Facebook page. :)

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