18 April 2012

Hrvoje Dumančić's exhibition opening in gallery Prica

Yesterday Petra and I attended opening of Hrvoje Dumančić’s exhibition in gallery Prica in Samobor. Petra wrote about her collaboration with Hrvoje Dumančić in one of the earlier posts. She’s been photographing him and his artwork for years so this exhibition was no exception. However, after the work part we got time to enjoy his beautiful artwork once again.

Hrvoje Dumančić is renowned Croatian artist, who participated in about thirty collective and fifteen one-man exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. He is famous mostly because of his clay, aluminum and bronze equestrian sculptures that won international awards. Still, I’m not going to quote his CV here, but I urge you to visit his page at www.dumancic.net and learn more about him.

I leave you to these magnificent horses.


Forgotten emotions

Closed circle

Jeux de chevaux

Mon ami

Castor and Pollux



Memoire (left) and Aramis (right)

Power of soul

Power of soul and Hrvoje Dumančić in gallery Zvonimir

My personal favorites are Pegase and Forgotten emotions. Pegase for his gracious lines made from a hard yet light aluminum and than "crowned" with real-feathered wings which give me the sense that he just made a quick stop to rest and is about to fly away any moment now. Forgotten emotions, on the other hand, are made in heavy bronze and its patine give them a look like they are made of stone. Cold yet gentle and emotional. Their idea to bring childhood emotions back to life was clear to me from the first moment Petra brought them home to take pictures. Since I had an actual chance to hold them and "play" with them they don't bring me just emotions from my distance past, but my near past as well. I always wanted a rocking horse! Damn, I always wanted a horse! ;)

Which one did you like the most? Why?

The exhibition will be opened until April 29, 2012 so be sure to visit and tell us how you liked it.


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