31 May 2012

Magical mountains

I am about to show you a place no words (or photos, for that matter) can truly describe. It is hidden in the mountains, kilometers away from any city or village – just a couple of houses, woods, cliffs, hills and (if you're lucky enough to see them) some wild animals.

Last weekend Petra and I were at my friends' house. Petra goes there often, whereas this was only my second time. However, I was so amazed by the beauty of the nature that I would like to enable you to experience at least some part of it.

This grass is so soft, we were lying in it for an hour after lunch! :)

This is the heart of mountain Velebit. Its beauty no words can fully describe and its character is peculiar. Weather can change quickly so you can have the brightest sun followed by the cold wind or even snow – in mid-May. Still, it's worth experiencing it.

Coffee after lunch!

I'll leave you to photos (and a couple of words).

Imagine you're there, relax and enjoy!

Just imagine waking up to this view!

These cliffs are much higher than they appear.
Look how small are the trees!

Grass, trees, cliffs, hills, you have everything!
The sun was shining, so I took a little nap on the terrace.

Still, it was quite cold.

Our doggies, Cookie and Bess adore this place. They run around, chasing each other and plying all the time. :)

"Always in action" Cookie

"Lazy little" Bess (she uses every opportunity to lay down) :)

Bess's daddy, Neo

Bess's mommy, Sheila

I hope you enjoyed the photos! I had problems picking out photos... I nearly put 50 of them! :))


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