30 May 2012

Clinique High Definition and High Lengths Mascaras Review

Couple of months ago I mentioned purchasing Clinique High Definition Mascara and promised you a review. It seems like forever! Petra and I’ve been using it frequently for quite a while so the time for a review has come. Also, a while ago I got a sample of High Lengths Mascara therefore I’m making this post 2 in 1. :)

High Definition Mascara

Here’s what Clinique says it does:
Now brush, comb. Create. Brush-side coats with dramatic color. Comb-side separates to perfection. Transfer each and every lash with extreme length and definition. Ophthalmologist tested.


One coat of Clinique High Definition Mascacra

Its texture is in between of liquid and dry, a bit on the liquid side and it paints my lashes in rich black color.

The wand is a bit atypical – one side of it is a regular mascara brush and on the other one – a comb. At first I hesitated using the comb (I never got around using brush combs; I just end up messing up my lashes instead of separating them). Then I gathered some courage and did it the way I was supposed to: first I applied mascara with brush and then combed it out – BIG mistake! My lashes were clumped and stuck together and I was so sad! But, Petra was quite helpful. She rarely reads instructions – especially if we’re talking makeup – she just follows her instinct, so here’s what she did. She applied mascara using comb first and then she brushed it out – my little genius!! I did the same and LOVED the result!

It gives lashes a nice longer looks but doesn’t produce much volume. Still, it won’t make your lashes appear spidery, either. I also took note it did well curling decently and keeping curl due to the lighter texture.

Mascara lasts for a long time – up to 10 hours – without smudging or fallouts. It gives a nicely defined look and separates lashes – ideally for those of you who hate it when your lashes are stuck together. It’s easily removed with soap and water or gentle cleanser. I’m impressed that such a long wearing formula didn’t end up sticking around, impossible to remove, for hours on end.

High Lengths Mascara

Here’s what Clinique says about it:
Provides length and volume upon immediate application. Its unique 'willow' applicator captures and coats all lashes to the very tip. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Ophthalmologist Tested.

After one coat of Clinique Hight Lengths Mascara

I got this mascara as a sample and didn’t know anything about it, that’s why my first reaction after seeing its wand was: What the hell?! Why they have to go all crazy when it comes to wands?! The brush-comb I could manage, but what should I do with this one?? Is it really mascara?! (jup, I checked it)

The end of the wand is curved (and it’s a big curve) yet flexible, with two rows of small, spiky teeth and green colored (don’t know why they had to make it green, couldn’t it just be black??). It’s supposed to grab even the smallest lashes and cover in mascara to the very end.

The wand turned out to be doing exactly what it’ supposed to do – I can feel it catching on every single lash. However, it takes me a little bit of positioning to get it to align with my lashes, especially on the outer corners, for which I mostly blame the length of the wand.

Texture is liquid which allows better adherence to the lashes, coating them in rich black color. Still, you should be quite careful when taking out the wand from the bottle, since there’s usually too much product on it and getting all that on your lashes can lead to an unflattering result.

Clinique High Lengths Mascara is lovely lengthening mascara that coats each lash with just the right amount of product and really does allow you to get right to the root of the lash without splodging product all over your eyelid. The effect is beautiful separation and definition. I’ve never used a wand that does this so well. However, it you do not prefer separated “fake-lash” look, I would recommend looking for something else. Please take a note that the separation is not that obvious on the photo above since I always try to do my best in combing out the lashes.

Just like High Definition Mascara, this one’s’ longevity is impressive and removing is effortless.

Have you tried any of these mascaras? Do you have any experience with Clinique mascaras?


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